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Raising a Helpful Child

What does music have to do with my child being helpful? There is something about music, moving and making music together, that has a very deep, very old connection for us as human beings. Researchers have many different theories on this and some think it is the reason for cultural songs around the fire and why every culture has music of some kind.


Before the advent of the iPad and Pokemon, children in a family tribal group, a village, a nomadic group, they all had to help to make the family unit survive. The life of most children is very different now, but the need to feel connected and to contribute to the family unit is still just as strong and we can use movement to music and song encourage those skills in our young children. If we encourage empathy and agency as early as we can just think of the teenagers and adults we are raising. Imagine if we raised the next generation as highly empathic human beings, how would many of the issues we are currently facing change?  

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