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Rockstar Parents

Do you need to sing in tune to your baby? The answer is yes and no. Your baby loves your voice, they literally prefer it to any other sound they hear because to them it means familiarity, safety and love. Research has found that babies sleep for longer and more deeply when they are sung to, they are quicker to become calm when they are distressed and their cortisol level, the stress hormone in the body, normalises faster when a baby is sung to.


The more important element that “in tunness” is infusing your songs with emotion. If you want to help your baby to sleep you sing a song slowly, in a low pitch, with small intervals. If you want your baby to be active and happy sing a faster song with jumpy intervals and in the middle of your voice. The main thing is make singing a regular part of your baby’s life, and you will be their favourite rockstar.

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